Thursday, January 20, 2011

For Mom, because I've been promising and not delivering.

I will edit this post later with more info. Alex Yarbrough is studying abroad in Paris this semester so I hung out with him a few nights, ended at WOS 3 nights in a row, did some swimsuit shopping with Pierre for the beach party (swimsuits to sell, not for me to wear), and finally climbed the Arc de Triomphe, so I can cross it off my list of touristy things to do in Paris. All in all, I think Paris is warming up to me once and for all.

Day 13: Jardin des Tuileries, stop 3 on the axe historique

Day 14: soup a l'oignon

Day 15: Christophe stopped by for lunch before heading back to Benin

Day 16: Obelisk at Place de la Concorde, stop 4 on the axe historique

Day 17: les soldes!

Day 18: Midore for cafe-croissant without my partner in crime.

Day 19: I like this house on Malesherbes
Day 20: Champs Elysees, stop 5 on the axe historique, from the top of #6, the arc de triomphe

More to come, I promise. Kids have been good lately, I even had a lovely conversation with the boy over dinner last night (about the death penalty in America, but a conversation nonetheless). Sorry to keep you waiting, Mom.

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