Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I've been needing a manicure anyway

Day 4/365
Day 4: the Girl and I gave each other manicures with the pink Hello Kitty nail polish I gave her for Christmas (I got a kiss on the cheek for it today, too...apparently she loves it. That'll get me about a week of good behavior. Way to have my back, Monoprix cosmetics).

I finally forced myself to wake up at a decent time despite only getting about 2 hours of sleep, so I'll be going to bed asap. Welcome back, normal sleep schedule, I've missed you.

Also exchanged the heels I bought on New Years Eve for my actual size, so now I have hot new heels to's always a good day when new shoes are involved.

I know there's other stuff I wanted to put here, but my mind is not functioning normally at the moment. I can barely write a sentence right now, let alone remember my whole day's worth of thoughts and find a way to be witty about it to boot.

Oh, and I forgot to post a few pictures that I really like from when Connie and Sean and I went up the towers at Notre Dame, and a few from Sainte Chapelle and some other random stuff...sorry I'm a slacker. I'll redeem myself eventually.  So voila:

So I totally stole this idea from a post card I saw once, but I still like it; gargoyle, the gold dome is the Church of the Invalides, and obviously the Eiffel Tower. The spire next to the dome might be the American Church in Paris, but I'm not sure about that one.
Too bad there was all the scaffolding, but this is the inside of Saint Chapelle, there's stained glass everywhere. I can't hold my camera still enough to take good low-lighting pictures though, they always turn out just a bit blurry.

also at Saint Chapelle

French motto on the Supreme Court house
Oh and I just felt like including this...a gospel choir singing the whitest/Frenchest rendition of Oh Happy Day I've ever heard at the mall on my way to Auchan.  I thought it deserved a photo.
Sorry I'm not all that entertaining. This is the kind of blog post only a mother could love.

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