Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still no keys, because I'm irresponsible...

So I searched my apartment for the keys, even though I'm certain they're not here.  The last time I used it I was coming back to their apartment from the grocery store downstairs, and then on the way home that night I noticed they weren't in my purse.  The only place I was in between these times was their apartment.  I didn't take my coat to the grocery store so I didn't put it in my coat pocket, they would be too big for my jeans pockets, and my hands were full which is why I think I didn't put them back in my purse (that would take an extra hand).  So logically, I must have put them down on the counter somewhere but now they are AWAL and I have a feeling Christine is pissed that I can't find them.  BUT I have an inspiration, I'm wondering if I tucked them into the little red money purse that she gives me to go grocery shopping with...I'll just have to wait til I get back to their apartment to check.  But they HAVE to be somewhere in their apartment. Unless some dinner party guest picked them up by mistake?

All I know is that these keys are not normal keys like we have and will probably cost a lot to replace, assuming Christine doesn't panic and change the locks, which she would be fairly justified in having me pay for.  Ugh...I hate being the irresponsible one.

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