Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's 2011, but I hate the number 11

I've been slacking on photos and updates; frankly I've been bored and pessimistic so I didn't feel like doing a whole lot, or flaunting my lack of excitement for all the world to see. I'm the worst Parisian tourist ever.

New Years went well, I bought new shoes but I brought home the wrong size and they were closed when I went to return them (boo) but FSU got a win in Jimbo's first bowl game, I waited until the bar closed and went to breakfast with Matthew and Emma (the bartenders, and Eric-Pierre's-roommate stopped by as well) and went to bed around 9 am for the second night in a three-night streak. It was pretty successful if I do say so myself. Tonight I will probably have to take a Lunesta and get my sleep schedule back to semi-normal. I have shoes to exchange and children to watch tomorrow.

Here are some pics from Connie's last few days and New Years.

at the Opera house, even though we didn't get to go in (it was closed)

nativity scene at Notre Dame

Ice skating. This face pretty much sums up the whole experience.

At the airport after a hazardous RER trip. Connie's last pain au chocolate.

Midnight on New Years Eve/Day. I thought (along with hundreds of other people) that there would be fireworks...apparently not.
Also, I need some goals or projects, something to work on and get me more motivated than I currently am. So, as a new years resolution, I'm starting something called's apparently quite popular, but the idea is to take a photo every day.  I have a facebook album dedicated to it, but I'll try to update here for those of you who don't use facebook well or at all.  Here's what I have so far:
Day 1: I don't know who these people are but it made a nice picture.
Day 2: my gift from Steph James, finally some FSU stuff in this otherwise dismally decorated apartment.
So yeah. My life in a nutshell for those of you following.

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