Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reverse weather shock and other fun things about returning to America

Ok, I suppose I owe y'all an update, as well as inform my temporary Parisien(ne) readers what they have forward to when they get back to the States (or "Burgerland," as a certain French musician quite accurately called it).  I am home safely, I did not crash in the middle of the Atlantic on the flight home, although after spending a full 24.5 hours travelling part of me wished I had...Tip #1: do not book with American Airlines.  They couldn't leave on time if they tried (and they don't).

Tip #2: it's a lot hotter in Florida than in Paris, and a lot more humid.  Remember that tres Parisienne habit I developed of putting on jeans and sweaters every day, even in the summer?  I regretted that as soon as I left the airport.  Don't bother trying to revive your running habit for a few days, either.  All that humidity and sweat that drips off your face and every other imaginable body location within 5 minutes of starting your workout that I used to think was just the universal result of outdoor exhertion?  It's not.  However, diving into a swimming pool fully clothed to avoid heatstroke immediately after a run is something I did miss while in unfortunately-swimming-pool-less Paris.  It's the little things you miss.

Other than that, I'm not as "culture shocked" as I expected to be.  American money looks and feels a bit strange at first (it's all the same size...and the same color...and why can't I find any 20 cents coins??) and I'm a much more cautious driver after a year-long hiatus.  But mostly I'm bored.  Working on getting a job and taking my calculus class and re-entering the real world is not nearly as picturesque as spending afternoons picnicing by the Eiffel Tower or walking past Notre Dame on my way out for the night.  And speaking of picturesque, my project 365 has ground to a dead halt.  Not only can I not afford camera batteries with no job, but nothing really seems photo-worthy anymore.  Oh yeah, and I miss having friends (but who really needs a social life when you sweat through everything you own in 15 minutes anyway?)  Loneliness...it's totally underrated.

All in all, I'm missing Paris and the people there more than I thought I would.  Is it too early to start apartment hunting for my 6th arrondisement vacation home/rental investment?