Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why McDonald's in Paris is way cooler than McDonald's in America.

I eat at McDonald's about twice a week here.  Part of me feels like I am the typical American tourist treating McDonald's like my personal American embassy, and part of that may be true.  But let me tell you why McDonald's > everything else.

1. It's cheap. I live in an expensive, touristy area and it's often the only thing I can afford.

2. It's familiar. A burger is a burger is a burger, it tastes the same and it even has the same name. No matter how discouraged I am about my French not being up to par, they always understand me at McDonald's.

3. McDonald's here (at least on the Champs Elysees) is ballin.  Seriously.  There is a separate counter for coffee and espresso and pastries (macaroons, croissants, apple tarts, flan, muffins, etc. Think the Starbucks snacks but cheaper).  They have 3 chocolate mousse for dessert.  They even have BEER here.  AND, on top of it all, there are no open container laws in Paris.  I can get my 2 euro beer and then I can take it outside with me (not that I need to, but if I did, I could).  You can even drink on the metro (I've seen people drinking entire bottles of wine en route to their destination for the evening).

There are many things Europe needs to embrace, but in return America could take some hints about fast food.

Also, on a similar note, I've taken to walking pretty frequently, to ration metro tickets and to make myself feel better about whatever love affair with French food I had that day.  My sweet tooth has gone crazy in Paris.


  1. Orlando has a nice McDonalds like this. They even call it McCafe. It's pretty sweet. My mom got eggs benedict there.

    Please have a fruit tart for me someplace and take a picture. They are to DIE for!