Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Tell Your Parents You've Been Hit By a Motorcycle (or, Hospital Food Sucks Everywhere, Even In Paris)

Me: "Mom, remember how we talked about starting conversations like this with 'I'm fine'?  Well, I'M FINE......butIgothitbyamotorcycle."
Mom: "....."
Me: "But I have no broken bones, a few scrapes and bruises, and one suture in my head. That's it. I'm walking and breathing. I'm fine."
Mom: "....well that's exciting."

So I figured since I've never been to the hospital before, why not check it out and get the full Parisian experience?

All I remember is that I was walking home from the family's apartment Tuesday night a little after nine, walking to the intersection, and then waking up in an ambulence trying to figure out why everyone was speaking French and why exactly I was in Paris.  It was one of the more confusing moments in my life.

After 2 nights in the hospital, 2 CT scans and an abdominal ultrasound (and a destroyed Ralph Lauren shirt and a pair of AE jeans), I was free to go, and even without social security or insurance the bill is only 2400 euros (unheard of for uninsured health care in America).  If I can work out social security it will be only 400 euros.  So I guess I'll have to work that out somehow.

Also, happy birthday Dad, sorry I missed it while I was cooped up in the hospital eating bread and water.  I will sent the postcard I bought as soon as I figure out the mail system.

Also, finally went grocery shopping.  Fresh food/produce/meat is expensive, but packaged food is really cheap and I only spent 12 euros on a decent amount of food.  Oreos here taste funny.

Camembert and Heudbert biscottes as I stare out my window at the Eiffel Tower. It's good to be home (or at least as much of a home as this place can be).


  1. I'm glad you're okay!

    Did you bring any pictures? I know Facebook is a good substitute. <3

    Miss you!

  2. I did not bring any pictures :( but I know a place where I can print some out if I want to. My walls need decorating so I may do that pretty soon.

  3. Hi Sarah! Your blog is so flipping funny. I remember reading it and admiring your adventures the year before I became an au pair. In many ways, you helped me through my own experiences. Now, 4 years later I'm writing a book about it (with a few other former au pairs) and I was wondering if you wanted to be featured! We would love to feature a few of your stories in the book, as you have a beautifully entertaining voice. You can email me at ;) Would love to chat or even meet you in person!