Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to work

I was alone with the kids tonight and they were really good.  The girl was in bed on time, and the boy asked me to hang out with him in his room while we did his homework.  Good signs all around I think.

First French class...big surprise, they only speak French.  I've found I can read French quite well, but I can't understand it when people speak to me...which is pretty much all the do in class. Everyone seems to be better than me...it's awkward.

In the 2 hours between school and work I walked through the Jardins des Tuileries, a garden by the Louvre.  There are chairs and fountains and a ton of people running or just relaxing and eating lunch.  Maybe once these blisters heal (from wearing real shoes instead of flip flops) I'll run there too.  And of course, the Louvre is right there.  Also within walking distance of my apartment.


  1. Hi there! This is really Mary Kate. I use Dan alot for keeping me anomymous. Jealous- you bet and that was before you had to climb 123 stairs. This is all fabulous! Talking to your mom right now. She is so proud of you. This is so much fun. Don't forget us and write back. Love you!

  2. I bet the Tuileries are beautiful in fall!