Monday, September 13, 2010

First attempt at going out, football, and the boy is not an ax murderer...yet.

Last night Leanne and I met up with a Norwegian girl named Isabel.  It's nice to finally have a few friends.  We tried to go to an American bar at AUP but it was closed so we took the metro to St Michel, a very studenty area near Notre Dame.  Lots of bars, cheap food, nightclubs, and bright lights...reminded me a lot of Bourbon Street (but smaller and Frencher).  After walking around for a while I decided to find WOS bar which I new was nearby.  It's an international bar that plays college football on Saturday nights...and they speak English!  It's officially my new favorite place for Saturday nights, or maybe every night.  I might have to become a regular here.

Also, met Nicolas today.  He seems quite nice.  We sat in a garden near Place de la Concorde (where they guillotined people during the revolution, pictures later) and then walked down the Champs Elysees to get coffee. We ended up at McDonalds, which is actually pretty awesome (I'll have to talk about that later too).

Afterwards I walked around looking for a grocery store that's open on Sunday (there are none) and ended up taking a lot of pictures, all of things really near my apartment.  Walking by the Hotel des Invalides kind of reminded me of Tallahassee...there is this huge green with people sunning, sleeping, or playing soccer, surrounded by this beautiful architecture and rich history (obviously on a much bigger scale than Tallahassee) and I missed home for the first time.  I also felt a little good about it, though...maybe I'll have to go back there.

French classes start tomorrow. Good times.

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