Thursday, September 9, 2010

from my new apt: 19 Ave Franklin D Roosevelt, 75008 paris

21 hours ago I was waiting to board my flight from TIA and I pulled out all the letters my family stuck in my suitcase and cried ridiculously in the middle of the airport while I read them.  I was legitimately thinking about walking out and going home; Paris can wait.  I apparently have commitment issues, with a city. (like, "look, Paris, you're really great and all, but it's just bad timing, you know? I'm not ready for this. It's not you, it's me.")

Now I'm sitting in a wicker chair in the middle of my new augmented-studio apartment one block off the Champs Elysees and watching the Eiffel Tower glitter with strobe lights every hour on the hour and I still don't know if this was a good idea or not.  I have 10 months to find out.

My apartment came equipped with an air mattress (already inflated), 2 boxes of tampons, 3.5 tubes of toothpaste, some shaving creme (which I don't usually use but I guess I will now), instant mashed potatoes, and 1/3 of a bottle of Disarrono.  Enough to live on until I get to the grocery store.

I think I'm allergic to this place; I developed a stuffy nose somewhere over the Atlantic and have had the urge to sneeze pretty continuously all day.  I also haven't slept since 8:30 am Tuesday morning.

The family is very nice, Christine is very sweet and the kids seem to like me well enough, even though I kept falling asleep while trying to read with her on the sofa (if you want your children to be well taken care of, don't leave them with someone who is this sleep deprived).  Even the boy seems to like me, but from what I've heard, I might be speaking too soon.  He says I'm funny, and not like other Americans.  I'll take it.

Bed for now, I'm sleeping in tomorrow then getting shown around by Christine. Bed Glorious Bed.
 my life packed away in one suitcase (checked), one carry on, and one backpack (with some things stuffed in the boots)
 The first room of my apartment, kitchen/bathroom are on the right
There are 123 stairs between me and the ground. No elevator. My butt is going to be awesome.

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  1. I already love your blog!! I remember the stuffy nose thing too! And no joke, if you soom in on pics of me from the first few days, my face is SO swollen (total fat face!) something about the altitude from the flight. And you are in such a great area, Im envious, really!