Monday, September 20, 2010

Shakespeare & Co

Went with Leanne and Amy to this cute little bookstore called Shakespeare & Co to see a performance of a monologue (I lost interest and didn't pay attention, but the area was nice).  This bookstore is really quirky and strange, complete with an upstairs bedroom (also with books) and ladders in true "Beauty and the Beast" fashion (it was set in France, after all).
this is what a bookstore is supposed to look like.

entrance 1, before the reading

entrance 2, after I stopped listening to the reading and started playing with my camera instead.
We also walked through Notre Dame while we were waiting for the show to start (didn't take our time, we figured we'd be back later.  It's so nice to think, "we can just come back to Notre Dame some other day when we have more free time" instead of having to cram it all into one trip) and saw this bridge where people had tied ribbons or put padlocks with names on them on the chainlink fencing around the bridge. I don't know why it was there, but it looked pretty cool.
my Notre Dame picture. I'll have to take more later.

I just really liked this one for some reason. Locks and ribbons on the bridge.


  1. This made me Google the chain link padlock thing, and apparently it's really popular. I know you're a green, so Google it! <3 Jules

  2. Hi ! I'm just a visitor, so you don't know me. I just want to tell you 2 things ! First, your blog is really very cool (I'm actually a Parisienne leaving for the US in 1 month as an au-pair). Second, about the bridge you like, there are ribbons with 2 names on it as a "proof of love". This is something lovers are used to do. When you're in love with someone, you go on that bridge and let your ribbons. This is kind of imaginative and romantic :)