Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh yeah, kids again.

The girl was awful today. AWFUL.  She refused to do anything I asked and would constantly run to and cling to Christine even though she was having a meeting with someone (and of course she did nothing to help me pry her out of her lap, or tell her something like "no you can't sit with me, go take a bath/eat dinner like you're supposed to").  She knows that Christine will not make her do anything and let her sit with her and so she uses that to get out of what I'm trying to make her do.  What am I supposed to do, yank this 8 year old child out of her mother's lap?  I feel like that's overstepping my boundaries a little bit.  Everything about Paris is seeming more and more like a bad idea.  Geez I hate kids sometimes.

After, though, Frank invited me to go see a movie with "us," which I though referred to him and Christine but actually meant him and his friend from New York.  So I saw Wall Street with 2 middle-aged men.  Kind of strange, but he's really nice, I wish he was around more.  Also, the movie sucked, I don't recommend it.

Nicolas made me crepes last night because I'm still missing my debit card...they pretty much taste exactly like pancakes, just flat.  There's nothing that phenomenal about them, except they're French I guess so people get excited.  Most French/European people I've heard from say they like our fluffy pancakes better.  They are quite nice with cheese though, or confiture (aka jam).

Oh, and I killed my first French spider today.  I'm sure my neighbor thought I was crazy after I screamed, pushed over the table to get to it, kicked the wall a few times (where the spider was) and then yelled "Ha ha, I win bitch!"  I don't suppose I'll be getting any "welcome to the 5th floor" cookies any time soon.

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  1. Hi! i know i'm way late, i'm thinking about being an au pair in paris next year and i looked up blogs and found yours i started from the beginning and i'm working towards the end. Just wanted to tell you i love it! and i literally laughed out loud at this one!