Monday, October 18, 2010

The most epic nights always start with football games.

Thursday I had the kids alone, and it went quite well.  The girl is so much easier to deal with when Christine isn't home to be a distraction!

Saturday was the boy's birthday, Christine made a chocolate souffle, which was quite possibly the best thing I've ever eaten.  It's like chocolate mousse, but warm and baked.  Phenomenal...I need to get that recipe.

That night I met Connie at WOS to watch the football game at 6.  We really did have every intention of leaving after the game...we started chatting with the bartenders (Pierre, the owner, and Matthew the manager) and Pierre ended up convincing us to walk to Jennyfer (a cheap store kind of like Charlotte Russe) with him where he bought us costumes (skirts, tops, ties, and stockings) on the bar credit card for the School Uniform party they were having that night.  In return we had to host the trivia game of the night, giving lollipops for correct answers and giving "detention" to people who got the answers wrong.  We drank free for most of the night, including 2 irish car bombs (my favorite).  We left at 6 am because we were pretty at risk of face planting at that point.  From 2-5 we just danced because it was better than falling asleep at a table somewhere.

Slept until 2 today (when Pierre told me on facebook he was just going to bed...insane) and satisfied a McDonalds craving with Connie.

Oh, and I tried Macaroons.  Not nearly as good as the American version.

          American Coconut Macaroon                                      Weird, wanna-be flavored oreo French macaroon with creme in the middle

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  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA school girls are a hit everywhere!