Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bureaucracy is a french word, after all.

Skipped class Monday to go to OFII (Office Francais d'Immigration et Integration) but they were too busy so they told me to come back Tuesday. Skipped class again Tuesday to go early.  I now have an appointment (November 15) to get my Titre de Sejour, which I need to get my Carte Vitale, which I need to get social security to pay my hospital bill.  So now I guess I wait.

The girl hasn't been bad but has started being a bit rude.  She'll ignore me, or she's do that annoying little mimicky voice when I tell her to do something (which, I noticed, she does to other people too, not just me), or call me crazy under her breath (in French, which she thinks I don't understand).  She even told her mom (in French) she didn't want to eat dinner with me (saying "pas avec Sarah!"), and was a bit surprised when I answered, "Yes, with Sarah, sorry to disappoint you."  She was decent all night.
So today after lunch I told her I didn't like how rude she's been to me and that I wasn't going to tolerate that kind of behavior from her, and that if she wanted me to do something for her she was going to have to be pleasant.  She pouted for about 10 minutes, but after she was lovely, even held my hand and said please and thank you.  Maybe she's just testing her boundaries?  I guess we'll see how tonight goes.

One thing's for sure, if I have a kid and it's a girl, I'm putting her up for adoption.  I can't deal with this princess bs.

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  1. I think its so funny that you are taking care of a diva!