Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Barack Obama could kill a pregnant woman on live television and still be more popular than Nicolas Sarkozy." -Connie's French teacher (on the 2 presidents' declining popularity)

This city is so exhausting and living here brings out the worst in me.  I am not made for a metropolis.  There are too many people always in my way and it takes 30 minutes to go to the grocery store for 1 thing and it won't make up its mind whether it wants to be warm or cold.  I'm supposed to love this place, but it's just annoying me right now.

Went to WOS last night, I'm trying to become a regular.  Connie came, she's an au pair with kids that go to The Girl's school, she's American, and she likes beer and football, so I think we'll get along great.

The girl was good today, no problems at all.  She's crazy.  Yesterday she pitched a fit because she wanted to take the metro (which she knows we can't do) and she held on to the pole at the cross walk and screamed and refused to let go, so I just gave in (I can't drag/carry this 8 year old the whole way home).  When I talked to Christine about it, she didn't give me any real solutions, but she did say that when I'm with the kids, I'm the boss, not her, so at least she's supportive of that.  That's the best I've gotten so far, I'll take it.

Wine and cheese with Nicolas tonight, I'm apparently going to get a lesson on French cheese (they really love their cheese).

Internet tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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