Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pros: I have friends and a life now. Cons: I forget to write.

Connie introduced me to the best chocolate ever, it has SALT in it (cue my raging salt addiction).  I may never forgive her for this.

Saturday Nicolas and I went to Sacre Coeur, it's on a hill that overlooks all of Paris, and the basilica is free to see, but there was a food and wine festival going on so it was too crowded.  I definitely want to go back there. After, I met Isabel and Connie at WOS at 2 am for the FSU vs. Miami football game (which got dropped by ESPN so we had to watch Florida all night).  We waited until 5:30 when the metro started again, and I came home to find we killed Miami, so it's alright.  I would have really liked to see that game though.
Sunday Leanne and I had a picnic on Champs Mars with quiche we got at a Boulangerie (my favorite place in the world, after McDonald's).  The weather was great all weekend, I think this might be my last glimpse of warm(ish) weather for a long time.

Today I went to the Marais (a traditionally Jewish area) and had falafel for lunch...how did I never know about falafel before now?  It's amazing, and cheap.  The Marais is adorable, in the historic center of the city, and is also one of the only places you can get reasonably priced bagels, and, so I've heard, cream cheese.  It is also home to a store called Thanksgiving, which is closed on Mondays :( but has American groceries such as Cheerios, JIF peanut butter, and Kraft Mac and Cheese (which I don't even really like that much but it felt good to see it through the window).  I'll have to check that out one day that's not a Monday.

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  1. I loved the Marais and falafel was my favorite!