Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love Burger (but not with BBQ sauce, please)

No, that isn't just me deciding to use caveman-style grammar to express my love of a juicy mid-rare chunk of ground beef.  That is actually the name of this burger place I found on Rue des Boulangers in the 5th (yes, it's called "I Love Burger"...what was your first hint that it's run by French people?)

But really, it's not bad.  It's actually really good.  And it's hella cheaper than Breakfast In America.

They got burgers that start at €5 including fries.  They got tacos that start at €3 for 2. They got bagels.  They got quesadillas, burritos, and enchiladas (but watch out, when they say "enchiladas" they seem to actually mean "nachos"). They even have gourmet mini-burgers with bun-stuffings such as foie gras and little poppy seeds on top (I guess that's the French influence, like, "alright guys, I know we're running a burger joint, but we gotta throw foie gras on something"). They have milkshakes and Ben & Jerry's and muffins and, for some reason, those little hamburger gummy candies for like €0.50.  And, if you live close enough, they deliver.

My only real complaint is the ketchup bottle.  No, I'm not ridiculously picky, but last time we went one of the ketchup bottles had at some point been filled with BBQ sauce (good BBQ sauce, at least) and then they continued to top it off with ketchup because it was, after all, a ketchup bottle.  So we used it once and it was ketchup, but then soon after BBQ sauce started coming out and we were a little confused.  But we figured they'd get the hint at some point and didn't say anything.  However, we went today (a week later) and the same ketchup bottle on the same table still had BBQ sauce hiding under the ketchup.  Which really makes me wonder how long that BBQ sauce has been there..... I told the server who apologized but didn't seem to believe me and put it back on the table.  I guess I'll try it a third time and if there's still BBQ sauce in it I'll probably say something again (maybe I'll come with a French person so they can explain fully in case it's still there).  Because I like ketchup, and if I have to eat another set of french fries with BBQ sauce out of a ketchup bottle I will be très énervée.

Oh, and they apparently charge €0.50 for eating in the restaurant, which is bizarre, but whatever, it's still cheap.

Regardless of the ketchup/BBQ debacle, what they don't have that Breakfast In America provides and provides quite well, is breakfast (as it's name would suggest).  While I Heart Burger does have a brunch (and it's decently-sized, at €10.50), the people next to us today ordered it and it just doesn't hold a candle to a good ole BIA breakfast platter.  The juice isn't even fresh.  But if a classic American burger served à point or some tex-mex burritos or enchiladas/nachos are what you're craving, skip the high prices and long lines at BIA and head over to I Love Burger and give it a try.

But now, without further ado, I must go to bed and try to be Responsible and Productive tomorrow, and get up early to go for a run, because apparently my dad has started giving this blog to his running friends and now I feel like I need to impress them with my sportiness and not let them know that I'm currently sitting in bed in my underwear eating Oreos.

...oh well.


  1. You mention your dad's running friends and voila! Here I am. I haven't actually run with your dad but I have cycled with him (on his warm up laps, since I suck and can't keep up with him otherwise.) I don't enjoy BBQ sauce masquerading as ketchup either. You should just bring your own and thell the Frenchies to hold the foie gras.

  2. haha...welcome! I was pointed to your blog as well. my dad has mentioned trying to get me on a bike once I'm back stateside soooo...maybe we'll see what happens :)