Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I've Learned That I Dislike In Paris

1. Children (rather unfortunate due to my job, but hey, it's not like y'all didn't see this one coming)
2. Children of stay-at-home moms (at all ages, including adulthood)
3. Stay at home moms
4. Parents of overweight children

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I guess that's kind of what I do.

If you fall into these categories and we are still friends then you are obviously an exception to these.  Call me out at will.

I know that's negative; if you want a more positive list, here's some things I've learned that I like in Paris:

1. Oxfords (the shoes)
2. chinos and boy-fit jeans
3. blazers
4. skinny jeans (or at least straight jeans)
5. high-waisted jeans (or at least not low-rise jeans)
6. pain au chocolate

So, in summary, I've learned I dislike people but I like clothes and food.  C'est très typique de Paris, non?

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  1. I'll be referencing your blog and your favorite spots while I am in Paris as an au pair!