Sunday, June 5, 2011

Exercise motivation

So I'm sitting in my room not going out because I've spent too much money this weekend and need to be nice and frugal all this week if I want to have any fun next weekend.  And I know I'm just being lazy and really need to get out for a good run so I don't get into that habit I always do of running for 3 or 4 weeks then not for 2 or 3 weeks and then just cycling through the whole thing over and over.  But I am so unmotivated.  1. it's hot. 2. I'm hungry. 3. My bed is comfortable and lounging around in my underwear is more fun than getting hot and sweaty in front of judgmental French people who don't sweat when they run (I don't get it, really).

So to find a cure for my running funk, I googled "motivation to exercise" and came up with your typical stuff that I already know but obviously isn't working right now.  Like, "envision your goals" or "keep an exercise journal."  I've never been big on goal-setting, and all I'm envisioning is me being sweaty and having to walk back up my 5 flights of stairs, and come on, I'm too lazy right now to even run in the first place, why would writing it down, essentially adding ANOTHER task to something that is already more than I want to do, going to help?  If anything it'll just give me something else to feel bad about when I forget to write it down. Silly exercise hippies.

So then I decided to take the classic anorexic route of looking up "thinspiration," the ridiculous pictures on those pro-anorexia websites of really in-shape celebrities and even some scary skinny skeleton women (I didn't look those up), when, let's be real, those in-shape celebrity women spend hours with personal trainers, they do not look like that from starving themselves, but you can't reason with someone who is publicly defending an eating disorder, can you?  I pretty much found a lot of scary Halloween haunted house girls (they should seriously consider that as a seasonal job) and some underwear models that are just making me hungrier thinking of all the things they probably DON'T eat.  Motivation fail.

                               EAT A CHEESEBURGER ----------->

So, third times a charm, since the skinny models just make me want to vomit (and not in the get-skinny kind of way) I decided to go for the Fear Factor approach.  Fear is a powerful motivator, right?  So I found these:
And, quite possibly the best motivator ever: this guy.  WARNING: not for weak stomachs. It's in French, you don't really need to read it to get the point, but the title is "Thinspiration Man: he lost 186 kg (410 lbs)"

Got my shoes on and I'm out the door.


  1. Oh how I wish i hadn't clicked on the link of that fat, fat man getting thinner. For motivation we should run through the woods then we can run away from pervy curb crawlers. I haven't been jogging since we went either, no bikini bodies for us...

  2. Girl I've been running without you! Where have you been? Although I still think I'm gaining weight anyway, I need to take some cues from that scary model and stop eating...