Sunday, June 12, 2011

2 things

1. I have not slept enough this weekend.  Last night was a toga party at WOS and today I went to a concert in a park with Kristin and Josie so now I'm recovering in bed, waiting for ibuprofen to kick in and knock out these cramps.  Now that I've run out of my birth control prescription I have 6 and a half years' worth of Mother Nature's pent-up rage taking it's vengeance on my uterus.  Note to future au pairs: don't let this happen to you.  Do whatever you gotta do to stock up before you leave.

2. I have some things to add to my "list of things I dislike"

     5. Rat dogs
     6. Men who own/publicly walk rat dogs (like, seriously. Have some dignity.)

3. I know I said 2 but I lied. You now get 3 thoughts when you only expected 2.  What a deal.  Etienne is out of town but I need him to come back so we can book hostels/hotels for Italy because I am afraid space will run out and we will be homeless.  Which, really, could be an adventure of it's own, but not how I'm imagining my vacation.

I cannot wait for this.

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