Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm running a hotel.

Savannah came back to Paris and stayed with me again...this time with her sister and her mom in tow.  I have had 4 people in my studio for the last 3 days, and I have 2 more tonight now that they're gone (Rachel and her friend who are homeless), Rachel will be staying til the 7th, then I'm housing Alex til the 11th.  I should start charging.  I need my space and I won't be getting it.  Pray for me.

Not a whole lot happened, just showed Savannah and Co. around all weekend.  I'll post P365 pics later.

To the person who searched for "is it legal for au pairs to work more than 30 hours in France," the answer is no. Does anyone regulate this?  No.  Do many au pairs work more?  Yes.  Will you get paid more?  Cross your fingers.

To the person who searched for "24 hour McDonalds in Paris,"  they don't exist.  Trust me, if 24 hour eating establishments existed here, I'd know about it by now.  This is why they're so skinny I think, they can't binge on drunk food on the way home from the bar.


  1. at least Hippopotamus is open until 5am... you have to sit down and have a steak and chips but drunk food is drunk food.

  2. omg I still have not been to hippopotamus! it's open to 5 am? I'm on it...