Friday, May 6, 2011

New batteries!

Ok so I went a week without batteries for my camera but I bought more on Saturday, the day Savannah and her family came to visit, so commence P365!

Day 76, 4-30-11:  Savannah and her sister and mother arrived Saturday morning, we explored Paris then went back to Refuge des Fondues for meat and cheese and baby bottles.  How could you not love it?  Finished the night at WOS for the Disney party.

Day 77, 5-1-11:  went to Sacre Coeur for a picnic, then wandered around Montmartre, saw the Moulin Rouge and went to the sex museum in Pigalle (it was...interesting).  Went to find some Scottish boyfriends at the Thistle, then went to the highlander with a group of hockey players.  A bit of drama, but a good night.

Day 78, 5-2-11: I had to work, the girls went shopping, then they put a lock on the bridge at Post des Arts and we went back to the Highlander where Abby met William and Jude Law (his name was really Hubert but I like Jude Law better)

Day 79: 5-3-11: Savannah and Co left, Rachel and Courtney's sister come to live with me, and I finally buy the blush I've been putting off for months!  I missed you, NARS, though you are ridiculously expensive.

Day 80: 5-4-11: French people eat hamburgers with forks and knives.  I have proof.

Day 81:  10 euro swimsuit from H&M.  Now all I need is a beach somewhere nearby...oh wait...

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