Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My last night with a roommate

for a while anyway.  My Parisian hotel/air mattress is finally closing it's doors for a much-needed hiatus, after an ex-study-abroad refugee, a family of 3 who had a penchant for fist fights, and a backpacker waiting to ship out, as of tomorrow at 8 pm I will finally have my apartment to myself once more.  Oh solitude, how I've missed you.

Day 82: 5-6-11 - Really, who comes up with these movie titles?  They couldn't come up with anything better? If you're going to change the name, at least change it to something French.

Day 83: 5-7-11 - Kristin and a new friend at Canal St. Martin on a Saturday night.  My new favorite broke nightspot.

Day 84: 5-8-11 - Fountains in the gardens at Versailles, which we apparently need to pay to get into during the summer (lame).  Had a nice picnic with Alex and some random FSU kids we saw on the Champs Elysees that Alex knew from the VIC. 

Day 85: 5-9-11 - Amurica OFY.  Magazine ad in the metro.

Day 86: 5-10-11 - Napoleon's tomb at the church at the Invalides.  It's really quite big, I don't know where they get the whole short thing from. I'd definitely fit in there with some room to spare.

That's all for now.  Gotta get to bed and get back on a normal sleep schedule after "accidentally" missing the metro Sunday night to go to the VD (yes it's really called that) and play darts til 5 am.  Winning.

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