Monday, May 23, 2011

Yeah Yeah, I know...'s been a while.  Truth is my life has been a bit bland lately, as I have been avoiding anything that involves spending money so that I would have enough money left to go out the remaining weekends before payday, and I've been doing a good job of it, but that doesn't make for very good story telling, does it?  On the  plus side, though, this saves me from having to sneak food from the family's fridge when no one's around (which I usually do anyway, but to lesser degrees) because I can't afford my own, and taking pieces of bread home in my purse to eat the next day for lunch.  The most exciting thing in my life (and in a bad way, not a fun way ) has been my repeated attempts at making strawberry shortcake for the family.  I swear they are thwarting me on purpose.  For the last 2 months strawberries have been widely available and all I've wanted is some strawberry shortcake.  Attempt 1: made the strawberries (though I didn't have time to let them sit overnight, so they weren't the best) and made a cake.  Left the kitchen to get the Girl.  Come back to see the mom scooping cantelope into my strawberries.  Don't get me wrong, I like cantelope too...but those are my strawberries!  I sighed and just picked around them while the family ate cantelope/strawberry shortcake with no whipped cream because the boy is on a diet (sometimes).  Attempt 2: made strawberries the night before so they could sit overnight and get juicy.  Made cake night before so it would be ready and I wouldn't be thwarted by a lack of prep time.  Came the next day to find that the mom had given my cake to the dad because he was going to the country.  SHE GAVE MY CAKE AWAY.  What is wrong with these people?  Why can't they respect a good thing when they see it?  I'm giving up the dream. Guess I'll just have to get my Strawberry Festival on next year when I'm back in Florida.

Other than that I had a lovely Saturday with the money I haven't been spending all week, at Tribal Cafe with Kristin and then at the WOS bar beach party, where I finally got to wear the new H&M swimsuit I bought but immediately realized I have no use for in Paris.  Wearing a bikini top to a bar has it's perks, I think I only spent about 10 or 11 euros all night, including my 2 beers at Tribal Cafe before hand.  I should do that more often.  I followed that with a picnic on the river by Notre Dame with Kristin and her friend Josie, making a lovely Parisian weekend that is only reminding me of how much I'm going to miss this when I get home.

Speaking of home, save the date:  July 20th I will be arriving back in Amurica to finish doing Amurican things with my life that don't involve moving to Paris and being a waste of space and money for a year but that do include living with my parents and waiting tables like a useless bum of a college graduate.  I'm having mixed feelings about this.

Unfortunately in my posting hiatus I have accumulated a bunch of P365 photos that aren't of any particular interest but would only make this post obnoxiously long so I'm not going to post them for now, they are on facebook if anyone cares.

A tout a l'heure, pay day in just over a week, thank goodness for fun times to come back!

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  1. Continuing my campaign for "it's = it is ONLY" and ...we thought you were coming home in July, not June...have to get that renter out of your room...also, anytime you don't have mixed feelings about some major event in your life, that just means you haven't properly considered you...