Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So since it's almost 3 am and I should be sleeping but I'm not because the weekend has thrown off my sleep schedule comme d'habitude, I thought it may be worth noting that I had my first French-language dream the other night.  Not the kind where your mind makes up some fake language that you are convinced is French and therefore understand it perfectly because it's your own fake language.  I was actually speaking real French with someone who was speaking real French back.  I can't remember it all now but when I first woke up I could remember what was said and what the conversation was about and I thought, "wow, that was actually right."  I'm sure it was a pretty basic conversation, and I don't think it lasted that long, but I guess dreaming in another language is a good sign, right?  Not that I'm anywhere near fluent and have any hope of becoming fluent in the next several years if ever, but I mean, at least it's in my head.

I'm also thinking that when I get home and have to take calculus for grad school I might also try to sign up for a French class. Or maybe just go to a French class without signing up for it.  I wonder how many people are in a French class at the university near my house.  Maybe they'll never notice.  I'd probably speak French there more than I do here in Paris.

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