Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going to the Farm

Not really.  Well, maybe, I don't know.  I am going to the Salon International de l'Agriculture at Porte de Versailles.  I have heard a few different things, ranging from a varied and exciting taste of France's cuisine, from cheese to regional dishes to lots and lots of wine samples, and then I've also heard it's a glorified petting zoo.  Which is cool with me, I'm just excited to see something a little more familiar than all this concrete and the perfectly manicured-into-a-shape-vaguely-resembling-a-rhombus, evenly-spaced-3.783-meters-apart excuses for trees they have here.  *sigh* such is city life.  Despite getting through River Run 2010 only with the aid of lots of beer and some well-mixed mimosas in a gallon jug (we are classy campers), I have a weird urge to go camping.  Or kayaking.  Or see something vaguely natural (the hair and makeup trend so prevalent in Paris doesn't count).

All in all, I'm expecting The State Fair Meets Old McMickey's Farm, with champagne samples instead of lemonade and Camembert instead of funnel cakes.

And thanks to Matty and this video, I am now a little terrified of cows.  If they do any of this, I'm on the next plane home.

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