Sunday, February 20, 2011

Voila: good food, bear dogs and tiramasu shots.

Day 45: 2-14-11: Montparnasse on Valentines Day, but with the glorious lack of over-marketing, you'd never know it. 
Day 46: 2-15-11: Warm bagettes and black forest mousse cake. Maybe Paris and I could get along after all.

Day 47: 2-16-11: Homemade chicken curry (out of the Uncle Ben's jar).  Never liked curry before but Paris is making me more ethnic.

Day 48: 2-17-11: Went to Tribal Cafe with Tabitha.  This bear dog is apparently owned by someone who works there because he is always around.  He is GIGANTIC and fluffy and I want to bury my face in him (after we give him a bath because he stinks)

Day 49: 2-18-11: hung out with Kristin's boy thing Alexandre, who has a feather boa that was so soft and that I loved but that also shed green feathers all over everywhere.  Also discovered that "feather" is hard for French people to say.  Haha., serves you right for your 800,000 different vowel sounds. 
Day 50: 2-19-11: ended up at WOS where we met Claudia and Kristin and had Emma's AWESOME Tiramasu shots.  I'll definitely be making these when I get back.

Voila.  C'est ma vie in a nutshell.  Hopefully more to come now that I realized that Orléans is a 18 euro round trip ticket and only an hour away...Peut-être demain je vais aller au Louvre avec Alex?  Hmmmm possibilities.

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