Friday, February 4, 2011

pictures pictures pictures...

Had another day off, which I'm finding leads to boredom.  I slept too late, went shopping at H&M to browse the sales, ended up buying things that weren't actually on sale but it's H&M so it's still fairly affordable.  I bought a dress and a belt and a trench coat jacket (kind of a light jacket, they have all their spring stuff out now).  I got home though and tried on the dress with the belt and the belt was too big (it was a medium) and the next size down they had was extra small which probably won't work so it just made me second guess the whole outfit and I think I'm going to take it back tomorrow.  The trench might stay though.  I'll have to sleep on that one.
yes/no/drop dead sarah? thoughts and feelings are appreciated.
When I take back the dress/belt I'll have to consider buying some deeply discounted boots though.  I do love sales.

Anyway, here are my pictures for the last few days and the stories that go along.

Day 32: ma Boulangerie et Patissierie préférée
This is the bakery where I like to buy my bread.  It's on Ave. Wagram near Place de Wagram, near the family's apartment so I pick it up on my way to work.  Somehow even when it's closed it still has the most delicious bread-baking smell.  Yesterday I actually did not feel like going all the way over there (since I had the day off) so I bought bread at monoprix instead and I'm really not a fan.  I wonder if all bread-aisle bread tastes like this and I've just become spoiled.  I hope I'm not too disappointed when I get back to the states.  Is the disappointment shifting in the opposite direction?  Oh dear.  The monoprix bread was less than a euro so I'll probably just go get more good bread tomorrow.  There's a bakery near my apartment that seems to be the same chain (the paper/bag they give me the bread in has the same "Julien" logo) but it is about a euro more expensive for the same type of bread.  So I'll just stop by on my way to work and save myself the euro.

Day 33: dog watching his people on Champs Mars
Yesterday I woke up around 9 am for no reason so I texted Leanne and we went for our usual Tea-that-isn't-actually-tea at Thé aux Trois Cerises (Tea at the Three Cherries, translated) which is the cute little tea place that we always get hot chocolate at instead of tea.  On the way back, while walking through the Champs Mars, we saw this dog diligently watching his people from the outside of the fence at the playground which he was not allowed to go into.  Dogs here are very well trained, and generally sit and wait where they are supposed to.  He was definitely making sure his little boy did was where he was supposed to be.  He barely paid attention to me as I walked by, backtracked, and got the picture.  He obviously had more important things to watch.  He makes me want a dog.  Ideally a German Shepard, but since apartments say they "don't thrive in a community environment" I might have to settle for a lab.  Not a bad compromise.

Day 34: Things it took me moving to
Paris to discover I love.
Today was fairly uneventful, despite the shopping.  I guess I could make the trench my picture my daily photo but I didn't think about it until now.  Instead I titled my picture: things it took me moving halfway across the world to discover I love.
  1. cereal with chocolate in it.  I usually rebel against this but this is yet another example of how my long-dormant sweet tooth has come raging to life here in Paris.
  2. Nesquik.  Loved by kids everywhere (except me, I guess), I've always known what it was but never had it until I got here, and there was a little bit left in my apartment from Rosie.  Love it and drink it all the time now, and am starting to think I had just as deprived a childhood as these Rice Krispy Treat-less French children.
  3. Dates.  They remind me of old people and fruitcakes (probably because my mom puts them in this fruit bread thing that she makes, which I also don't think I've ever tried) but I've never actually had one until now.  They taste like candy...but they're fruit, so it's ok to eat the whole package, right?  Sounds good to me.
Well, folks, it's now about 4:30 in the morning (I started this at 2:30ish but then I called mom and we had an hour and 40 minute conversation, and I can't type and talk so it got put off), and I need to go to bed.  Besides, I have a rule that once old people and fruitcake enter the picture (in the same sentence, nonetheless) it's time to wrap it up.

Until next time.


  1. I don't think I've ever had any of those 3. I think American things, any food American, just tastes better when you're missing America. I need your address by the way.
    Don't get a lab. Cute and only 1 foot long at first but I've seen the pictures of that lab. Besides, you know how much of a hassle Ricki (now Monty apparently) was. Oh dear, crazy snake days....Ha, remember when Nicole found out about that freshman year and someone had to go console her in her room. LOL. Good times. OMG sarah, we're done with college?! You need to come home so we can have quality therapy time. I need your realism stat (too much grey's anatomy on netflix...)

  2. Hey little girl, I'm lovin the "semi" look extremely posh, not to mention your legs look great. Are those your Uggs? "As good as Uggs"...dont remember- anyway the boots you took with you? Even with the bread, the bakeries, the lavishness of France, from the part of you I can see, you're looking phenomenal! By the way, I do my best to keep up with these blogs, and if you havent heard I love them, have got more people than you know following this...anyway could you PLEASE at least mention the fact that you have a sister??? Really Sar-I've read all about mom and dad, moms comments back to you...and NOWHERE do any of you(which, hello-I'm part of the family too )mention me! Lol...yeah I know the whole "princess mentality"...Anyway, send me your email. I miss the hell outta you! Sometimes just wish I could step through these pictures, grab you up and head to Mr. Dunderbaks for a beer...hahaa...I LOVE YOU! If you havent already taken it back KEEP the trench, and definitley splurge on the boots. A fantastic shoe is priceless!