Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am an 80 year old man

Day 30: keeping it classy at Cafe Oz

I drank Scotch.  And I liked it.  Is that normal for a young, non-smoking female in her early 20s?  When I think of Scotch I think of old men in Hugh Hefner smoking jackets with a cigar in one hand and a rocks glass in the other, coughing up a lung as they swear they'll never give up their ways for all this daggum healthy living mumbo-jumbo (apparently Bobby Bowden drinks Scotch in my head?)

Or I think of these guys.  They were the epitome of smooth, savvy, and cool.  And they could sing.  Although I understand Frank Sinatra's favorite drink was actually Jack Daniels (which makes a lot of college parties feel a lot classier, in hindsight), Dean Martin allegedly preferred J&B Scotch.  Other famous Scotch drinkers supposedly include Humphrey Bogart (the original Rat Packer), Winston Churchill, Lyndon Johnson, and FDR.  Very distinctive, that's good company.  I think I prefer this Scotch-related mental image to my Bowden-Hefner mashup (sorry Bobby).  And I get to wear a fedora...bonus.

But yes...Sunday night Matty and I went to Cafe Oz to celebrate his friend's last night at work.  He got to take home a bottle of liquor, and he chose the Johnnie Walker and then shared a bit with us.  How generous of him.  And yeah, I know the pictures are out of order...keep up with me now.

Day 29: Claudia (L) and Kristin (R) dancing "suavemente"
at whatever bar we were at... 
This weekend as a whole was really pretty good, the kind that makes me think I can handle staying here through the summer.  Saturday I went out with Kristin and Claudia, two girls from Alex's study abroad program, to Tribal Cafe (again, the cheap drinks and free food can't be beat, and they have a GIGANTIC bear-dog of a German Shepherd that hangs out ouside/in the front lobby area, I love it) and then after we met some French people Kristin had connections with (friends of friends sort of thing) and hung out with them all night.  Good night all in all.  Oh, and they know "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo here.  I thought that was a Florida-hispanic thing, but apparently it was a world-wide hit.  If you don't know it, it's a pretty catchy song that I'm assuming is about doing something smoothly.  C'est logique...

Day 31: first time having Rice Krispy Treats. You're welcome.
Monday, welcome back to the work week, went to Breakfast in America (just as good as I expected) and was bested by a breakfast burrito.  Christine and the Girl are both sick now (first the Boy had what I suspect was strep, and now they both sound like bronchitis patients...these French people are sickly).  Surprisingly the Girl is pretty easy to deal with when she's sick, I think she just doesn't have the energy to be unpleasant.  We made rice krispy treats tonight with chocolate on top (because I forgot to buy M&Ms to put in them), something she's wanted to do for a while since I introduced her to American marshmallows (that cost me 3.50 euros a bag, btw).  They have Rice Krispies here but they don't come with the recipe on the side of each box.  These people are deprived (and as a result, quite possibly dying of the plague as we speak, see what happens when one is deprived of these kinds of childhood pleasures and instead eats things like bone marrow and cold cut ham as a meal?).  I think next I'll try to find some Jell-O and see how she likes that.  It's a good sick food.

So that's been my life in a nutshell lately.  2 more weeks til vacation!  This is usually when the kids are most difficult, when vacation is creeping up...still, things have been pretty positive for the last month, so maybe difficult won't be so difficult anymore.


  1. You might like Drambuie; just a little, though, as it is extremely capable of making you miserable.

  2. noted. I'll give it a shot sometime. no pun intended there.

  3. Ha. I'm just catching up on your many blogs. 3 since I last checked?? Someone's been a busy (or bored?) bee. Ohhh how I will never forget the weekly rice crispy treats that ended up in our kitchen sophomore year. My thighs haven't forgotten either unfortunately. :/ Way to win her over. Hey, if high fructose corn syrup will get you in the good graces of a bratty French kid then by all mean, Americanize her. ;)

  4. stumbled across this blog, very funny. Very sophisticated humor not what I expected from a 20 year old, no offence to other less sophisticated 20 year olds.

    You may want to try Chivas Regal 12, I'm 30 (male) and getting into now. My dad past away in June and when he drank (I never knew him to be a drinker my whole life) back in the day, he preferred Chivas. It's sweet and very well balanced.

    And I love the Elvis Crespo shout out. He's a distant cousin of mine FYI, never met the man though.