Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Balls to the wall - it's Paris!"

Vacation (again).  The French love their vacations.  I was going to book a flight to Berlin during the next two weeks but I think we are going to go to Nice for the Carnival in early March (it's like Mardi Gras) so I'm saving my money for that instead.  I will be on the baguette diet the next few weeks, because a baguette is 1 euro or less and it's like 2 freaking feet of bread.  Slap on some honey or butter or confiture or even cold cuts when I'm feeling extravagant and I'm golden.

Day 41: 2-10-11 - Maybe I'll see Russel Brand if I hang out long enough
On Thursday it was one of those days where nothing really happened so I took one of those I-have-nothing-more-exciting pictures.  This is the Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysees that I pass on my way to Monoprix.  Although I've never been inside, just walking by the 2 entrances is like a dance party; they always have loud music playing and music videos on the TVs.  This one was the Black Eyed Peas.  You'd think that the European Virgin store would have better taste in music, but the French seem to stick to their American fistpump-like-a-champ music.

Day 42: 2-11-11
Friday night I went out with Leanne and her friend Keyvan from uni (what English people call university/college).  Leanne apparently has trouble posing for pictures so we were trying to take a photo where they looked like they were actually having fun.  Ended the night at WOS, Leanne had a love affair with apple martinis (and a particular Scottish barman), good night all in all except the getting up at 9 am to go to work part.

Day 43: 2-12-11: it's magic.
Saturday (tonight) I slept all day after work and then went to Tribal Cafe with Winter and her friend from her program, where I meant to take my picture of the day but the 4 euro mojito was too distracting and I forgot.  So instead I will post this picture of my AWESOME MAGIC COLOR CHANGING STRAW that I found in my honey nut cheerios box.  Ok, the straw isn't that awesome, but I do miss finding things in cereal boxes on the reg.  They should introduce this concept to adult cereals.  $10 gas card in my Special K?  I'd buy that.

Exhausted and going to bed despite my long after-work nap.  I also overcame my fear of French postal workers (they are much more frightening than their American counterparts) and finally mailed a letter to mom.

OH and I had a major win with the Girl yesterday.  When I tried to make her do her homework she started avoiding it and doing the whole "One minute!" thing that really means 10 minutes and is just a way to stall, and then started yelling and crying because I was making her do her work.  So finally I just ignored her and went to the kitchen for some water and to destress.  She came in to see me (because she hates being ignored) and I told her "I don't want to talk to you unless you are ready to do your work.  So either go do your work now or please leave me alone."  She argued a little but actually went and did it, and even apologized a few minutes later.  I guess I just discovered her weak spot.  Harsh, but it worked.  Just call me Super Au Pair: taming wild French children one poorly-translated battle at a time.

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