Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

All because of my favorite Germ Savannah Kay Powell.
Really looks a lot like that Calvin and Hobbes picture.  But this pretty much sums up our crazy ridiculous weekend/crazy ridiculous selves.  Why weren't we friends back home???

Friday started with google searching cannibals in Germany and France, and then Angelina hot chocolate (I've been looking for an excuse to go back) to show Savannah a proper French breakfast.

Next was an Eiffel Tower picnic with Matty, Emma, Irene, and a few other people.  We made lemonade (which I miss dearly) and the weather was great (yes, those are bare legs for the first time in months).

After a quick powernap, we went to Thistle and then (as usual) ended the night, albeit a bit blurry, at WOS with carbombs and cider and took ridiculous pictures.

Saturday we attempted to have some Breakfast in America but there was a line so we attempted to find the other BIA location but failed miserably and ended up eating gummies and then burritos at a Mexican place called Mexi & Co that made us a bit nauseous, but we got to take in some sights along the way.
like this one

After taking our ill stomachs home for a while we went back to BIA (the original location) where we had some of THE best milkshakes I've had in a while.  Reminds me of 2 am Steak N Shake trips with that one waitress that we always got...if only I could remember her name...
Another stop at the Eiffel Tower and we called it a night.

Sunday was a whirlwind walking tour of Paris including Sacre Coeur, a train ride, Pigalle/Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, and the Louvre, and capped off by drinks at WOS and getting hijacked by a taxi driver and killing a spider before waking up at 5:30 am to catch the train back.  Thanks for my breakfast, it was one of the best chaussons aux pommes I've ever had.
so stinkin cute, as usual.

So we've pretty much decided that I will stay in Paris and she will come be an au pair here too after she's done in Germany and we will find nice European non-French men to civil union us and we will take pictures by the Eiffel Tower every single day.

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  1. This just made my day.

    AND you remembered my last name :-)

    Sigh.. its love.