Friday, April 1, 2011

A "what was I thinking" kind of day.

So I don't believe I've mentioned this yet, but about a week ago, Christine told me that if I would like to work for her next year as well, that I was welcome to.

And I seriously considered it for a few days.

Like, really wanted to, was ready to say yes, and peace out mom and dad, see ya next year.

And then there was today.

Nothing really happened, I have nothing to really complain about, but for some reason I spent most of the day hating my job and hating the weather and asking myself "how in the world did I ever think that I could stay another year with these people?"  Every whine, every minute of sitting around doing nothing waiting for the kids to do whatever they were supposed to be doing but weren't, every dish and condiment that was taken out and not put away, every bowl of old food or empty jar of jam in the fridge that no one thought to throw out because, I'm sure, they thought "oh well, Sarah will do it," all made me want to roll my eyes, throw my hands up, and tell them all how sick of their bs I was.

So rejoice, parents, the prodigal daughter is returning, I am once again planning on coming home and living with you as your penniless, jobless college graduate bum of a daughter.  I might even consider doing something with all that stuff in my room...:)

But anyway, that's the full update.  In other news, I want to be like these ladies when I grow up.

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  1. First of all: WELCOME HOME!!! Next,even though, as your mother, I am a fashion-challenged, make-up deploring, jeans and tee shirt kind of girl and therefore of no earthly value as a fashion guide, you do have a very bright light at the end of your tunnel in the person of your sister, Amy Elizabeth. Rave on!

  2. I have these days too, one day I am staying in paris for sure, the next day I can't believe I even considered it... it is tres difficile, non?

  3. As an au pair who just arrived in France, I am sad you're leaving! I just came across your site and lo and behold, you'll be gone soon! So sad, but I am about to read your whole blog to learn a little something or another if I can about life in and around Paris (I am in Maisons-Laffitte). So far you have me cracking up over the stories about the kids!

  4. Kay - thanks! I'm glad you like it :) If you'd be interested, maybe we should get together sometime when you're in Paris, I still have a few months left! I don't really check the comments regularly but find me on facebook (, c'est moi, ça!) if you're interested and maybe we could work something out.

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