Saturday, March 19, 2011

the most uneventful weekend ever

So this is my weekend, this week went by pretty quickly actually, I don't crave the weekend like a pregnant woman craves peanut butter and cheeto sandwiches anymore, maybe that's a good sign that things are going well.  However, I must exercise financial restraint and therefore I am only going to spend a little money on booze tonight instead of my usual amount.  Rachel and I will be enjoying beers that are cheap enough to purchase in change so it doesn't feel like you're using real money, surprisingly delicious handmade mojitos, and that righteous plate of free cous cous that comes with a whole piece of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables.  Not quite heaven, but close (I doubt they'd charge 4 euros for a mojito in heaven)...the Tribal Cafe it is.  The waiter has started smiling and greeting me when I walk in, even though I still don't think he understands my attempts at French, but hey, add that to the growing list of places I feel like a regular at.  I like it.

I also met probably the most entertaining person I've ever met.  Ian is a bartender at the Bombadier, an English pub not far from the WOS bar, who stopped by after close to tell Matty, Pierre, and I the story of his St. Patty's Day beatdown at the bar, a hilariously failed attempt at a threesome, and fighting gypsies for money (favorite quote of the night: "Fuck me, that's a big fat fuckin' gypsy.")  Apparently gypsies are real people who live and run fight clubs in England.  They even have a TV show: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  Nothing like the impression I got from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but Disney has given me unrealistic expectations in many areas of my life, so I shouldn't be surprised.

That's about it for now, I'm currently eating buttered toast because I don't want to open my new box of Cheerios until I really need it.  This is mostly just a dear-mom-I-haven't-been-kidnapped-yet post.

Oh, and in other news, I spoke to Kyle and Caitlin, my African AIDS clinic friends, and they appear to be disease, arrest, and worm free for the time being.  We planned some details of our trip to Amsterdam (less than a month, wahey!), and discussed the idea of sending our mothers pictures involving particular activities they surely enjoyed back in their youth in the late 60s/early 70s.  My mother will be so proud.

Well, I have a rule that whenever sending inebriated photos to one's mother starts seeming like a good idea, it's time to call it a day.  When I get more money I am embarking on my homemade maraschino cherry project, but that will have to wait.

And Savannah is coming to visit in 5 days.  KKG takes over Paris.  Get excited.

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  1. You need to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding it is the best programme ever!