Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I gotta feeling...

...that tonight might not be so exciting but this week as a whole is gonna be a good week.  (yeah, try fitting that into the song, I'm a lyrical genius fo sho).

Yes, it's only Wednesday so I don't know how much predicting I can do here, but I think I can say with confidence that it is going to be A-mazing.  For starters, the sun is out for its 3rd day in a row, following a 2 day hiatus (I understand, too much too soon, it's best to ease into these things, wouldn't want to cause a sudden panic among the Vitamin-D deficient Parisians, now would we?).  I have noticed though that sunglasses are not very big here.  A few people have them, but it's not like in Florida where everyone has them and they are handily stored on your person at all times either in a purse/backpack/totebag or around your neck with ridiculous customized croakies that I really have come to love so much, if nothing else but for their convenience.  Of course I didn't think I would really need my sunglasses in the famous grisaille parisienne and so now I am in search of a cheap pair, preferably ones that look like Wayfarers without being priced like Wayfarers, because I have wanted some ever since I was a kid listening to Boys of Summer by Don Henley and didn't even know what they really were, and am so glad they have come back into style over the last few years.  If anyone manages to find a cheap ebay pair or something, let me know.

But anyway, I digress.

Another reason this has/will be a good week is my work situation the next few days.  Wednesday will be standard, probably a bit difficult since the mother has a friend coming which means I will likely be in charge of the Girl who will want nothing but to be involved in the conversation between mother and friend even though neither of them really want her there.  But Thursday Christine won't be there, which means the Girl will probably be lovely and easy to deal with and we can do whatever we want without the constant clingy attached-at-the-hip syndrome the Girl has going on with her mother (I'm really starting to worry about that one).  And Friday my responsibilities include picking the Girl up from school, dropping her off at a friends house, and skipping merrily on my way to mayhem and shenanigans with Savannah.  Saturday = no work, they are out of town.  Could the end of this week get any better?  I doubt it.

And of course, the final reason that my week will be stupendous (a word that I love because of this) is that despite being told by multiple people back home that they either will come visit or will at least consider a visit, Miss Savannah Powell is actually coming.  As in, booked her train ticket, will be here tomorrow night, coming.  Granted, she's an au pair in Germany right now so it's not as big a trip for her as it would be for other people, but nonetheless I am excited to have a houseguest to show around and be my excuse to do obnoxious touristy things and spend money and just be ridiculous with.  I want to blow up my air mattress now in anticipation.  In about 30 hours I will be meeting her at the train station and who knows what we'll get into from there??

Yeah, this is gonna be a good week.

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