Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday, gotta get down on....wait....

Tuesday.  Why didn't the Mamas and the Papas or Rebecca Black ever make a song about Tuesday, you may ask?  Oh yeah, because it sucks.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are the worst days of the week.  Even worse than Mondays.  Mondays can be kind of fun sometimes, mainly because I don't work til 5 so it's a nice little refresher day to pull myself together from the weekend and begin the work week all zen and mellow.  Wednesdays are the half-way mark, optimistic despite those people who insist on making as many references to "hump day" as possible, even though for many au pairs Wednesdays are awful because most kids don't have school or get out of school at noon that day, but my life-of-luxury family with a mother who has an au pair and a cleaning lady but no job can handle her own children these days so for me they are quite nice.  Fridays, well obviously, are Fridays, and there's a kickin song about them here.  (Enjoy that little gem of musical/lyrical genius, dear readers, especially you, Mom, this is my attempt at keeping you up to date on pop culture goings-on even from overseas.  You're welcome.)  But Tuesdays and Thursdays are just blah, Tuesday you're already tired but you're not even halfway through and Thursday is that "so close, but so far away" moment where the weekend is just out of reach.

But really, for being such a plain and rather boring day on paper I quite enjoyed it.  Got up at 8:30 to meet Tabitha at 9 to go running in the Bois de Boulogne which is this big park/wood just outside the peripherique but line 1 during rush hour was going so slow I was 10 minutes late and couldn't find her so I figured she gave up on me and I just decided to go it alone.  (Turns out she was also about 10 minutes late and when she didn't find me she thought the same thing, what a joke my life is, right?)  So then I got lost in the closest thing to the middle of nowhere since last May at River Run trying to find the Lac Inferior (which is actually the larger and northernmost of the two lakes in the park, obviously some French people got a little confused in the naming process).  Some old man and his dog even stumbled upon and me he said something to me that I couldn't hear with my headphones but I imagine it was something like "You look lost, be careful not to get kidnapped and sold into sex slavery."  Ok, I keed, it wasn't that skeezy, and there were even several major roads running through this bois so it couldn't have been all that bad.  I finally found the lake and ran a lap and then back to a metro (not the same one I came on, which I still don't know how that happened, but hey, a metro is a metro).

After a shower back home I went and deposited money and my 500€ insurance check that the insurance company of the guy who hit me on the motorcycle sent me (that part was quite nice, actually), supposedly to repay the part of the hospital bill I "paid" but since I didn't actually pay anything, I'm gonna go ahead and deposit it before they figure that out and cancel it... but anyway, I needed the money in my account so I can pay the fee for my "lost" Navigo metro card, which I didn't actually lose but I poked a hole in it so I could safety pin it to my shorts for when I run but that apparently rendered the whole thing useless so instead of being judged at the Imagine R office like the lady at the metro station did when I asked her why my card wasn't working, I just reported it lost online.  Here I was thinking I was so crafty and that stupid little hole cost me 23€ plus at least 24€ worth of tickets in the meantime while I wait for my new one.  Awfully expensive for a hole I made with a kitchen knife.  At least that 500€ came at a convenient time.

So yeah, after that it was just nap and then work which was easy because the parents were at a theater thing The Boy's class was doing so it was just me and The Girl and I put her to bed and then had a nice little snooze on the sofa for an hour or so before they came home.  Then a lovely walk home because I'm rationing my tickets et voilà, I am now comfortably (if not a bit overheated) in bed.

Oh and in other news, FSU is charging me $96 for a OB-GYN appointment in February even though I GRADUATED LAST MAY AND HAVEN'T BEEN IN THE COUNTRY FOR 7 MONTHS NOW.  TFCO FSU.  Still need to call them and figure out all that nonsense.  And here I am making fun of French people, we're just as bad, aren't we?

Well, it's 4 more days till my last vacation before I'm done as an au pair, which means back on my baguette diet for 2 weeks, and 12 more days until I am reunited with Big-Tall-Caitlin in Amsterdam!  I am determined to enjoy this vacation fully, especially considering my newfound largess.  So if anyone has any ideas, because we all know I'm not the most excitable person, please chime in at anytime.

And, just to leave you on a positive note, leave it to Stephen Colbert to take what is possibly the world's most terrible song and make it into what is possibly the world's most epic ballad to everyone's favorite day of the week ever created.  Gotta get down on Friday, y'all.

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  1. The Moody Blues did do quite a nice song, Tuesday Afternoon, with a rather haunting, lovely vocal. Of course, it's 40 or so years old...