Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode to my favorite jacket

Oh dear semi-faux trench from H&M that was priced just high enough for me to deem valuable without making me consider selling my eggs on the black market:  I love that you are the perfect weight to wear on those in-between days, when I am in between a coat or nothing;  I love that you accentuate my waist perfectly while not being excessively tight around my bust;  I love your machine washability and your magical propensity for only getting stains on the inside where no one can see them;  I love that your neutral khaki hue literally goes with everything in my admittedly-small wardrobe.  However, all that paneling and those seemingly-randomly-placed buttons which serve to make you oh-so-chic and sophisticated also make you a bitch to iron, and it is for this reason that I fear our relationship will forever be resigned to one of the love-hate variety.

1 comment:

  1. The search for the perfect little jacket is one of life's sweetest pursuits. You're in a good place to find one you love-love. Speaking of love, thanks for the blog comment! I hope you're enjoying printemps runs en Paris.