Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chinese take-out: one more thing I took for granted in America.

Nothing exciting to report.  I've spent the last 3 days with little to no human contact watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Dexter on (thanks Connie Rowse).  I have noticed, though, that the last 2 days have been the quietest I've ever noticed, no cars honking (which has apparently become an 8 am daily ritual), minimal traffic, it's kind of eerie. Dark, too.  Not as many lights on in the windows.  Probably because most of what's around me is offices that are closed for the weekend.  The Eiffel Tower is still functioning, though, lit up at night with cameras flashing from the 2nd and top levels.

I decided to go for a walk tonight, there were more people out than I expected.  I started at Montmartre, took the metro to St Michel and walked by Notre Dame to Hotel de Ville.  It wasn't nearly as busy as usual, but it wasn't dead either.  There was still a guy playing guitar by Sacre Coeur, and some tourists taking pictures everywhere.  At least it's comforting to know I'm not the only one with nothing better to do on Christmas.  Hopefully by New Years I'll come up with some plans.

Back to Dexter, episode 10.  I understand the hype around this show now.

And for some reason, all I want is some veggie lo mein and an egg roll to go.  There are more asian people in Paris than I've ever seen in Florida (outside of Disneyworld) but somehow they still have not mastered Chinese take-out.  I guess it's an American thing.

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